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10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Anhembi District - SP

ANUFOOD Brazil is now...

Anuga Select Brazil

A new name, even more business!

ANUFOOD Brazil has now become Anuga Select Brazil. The new name is inherited from its parent fair held in Germany. Anuga Select Brazil stands as the largest food and beverage fair in the Americas! The name change doesn't alter our excellence but reinforces our commitment to delivering an increasingly better service.

Openness and transparency, trust and partnership, trends and transformation: on the path towards a sustainable and fair food system, the global food industry is undergoing dynamic changes. As the world's leading food and beverage fair, Anuga is bringing together the industry's largest national and international community, generating a positive spirit of optimism.

Words from those who lived the Anuga experience

We've gathered real testimonials from exhibitors and visitors who enjoyed the finest experience an epicurean event can provide

Marcelo Vaz


I am here once again participating in this fair in Brazil, and I also attend your fairs in the international market. I'm looking for companies that want to bring products to Brazil and also help Brazilian companies sell products in the international market. In this event, there's a distinguishing factor because there is a filter for both exhibiting companies and the companies that come to buy from the exhibitors. The quality level is very high. Today, I can say that in 3 days, I participated in 23 business rounds that were very productive."

William Braga


Our intention in visiting this fair is to find partners who want to import or export their products, and being at ANUFOOD is the assurance of finding what we need. For us as a company, the fair stands out in terms of bringing a wide variety of products from different countries and cultures. We can do a lot of networking and close several deals within the event."

Gabriela Guimarães


We visit fairs to check out what's new in the market, including ingredients, as well as new suppliers in our area. The unique aspect of ANUFOOD is that we get to see everything from small items that don't usually reach us to large industries. Adoro participar dessa feira, sempre viemos desde a primeira edição pois aqui encontramos os pequenos e grandes fornecedores, além de fazer muito networking, rever pessoas e ter muitas ideias para o nosso negócio


We are very happy with the outcome. Last year, we brought three producers, and this time, we brought five. I've seen that besides networking, these producers have been finding business opportunities, which makes the state of Rondônia very pleased."

Francirlene Santana - Coordinator


This is the first time we have exhibited our products at a trade show. And we are satisfied. Our expectations have been fully met. And we believe that we will make good deals in the coming months with the contacts made here. We intend to come back next year."

Gabriela Zamglobi - Commercial Manager


This year has been much more productive for us than last year. I believe we will have good feedback from customers for future business based on the contacts made here, as we felt the visitors were more focused on making purchases. We are looking forward to coming back next year when the fair becomes Anuga. We understand that this change will be great for everyone."

Carlos Guartieri - Marketing Manager


The participation of Organis has been very positive. Despite not having a large pavilion, it's a step forward. This is the second time we are participating, and we are growing along with the fair, which is becoming more established in Brazil. We believe that next year will be even better because the potential is immense, and there's a very diverse audience. Organics need to be present in spaces that are not yet fully established, and we, as an association, have the role of communicating the 'organic' brand more and more. It's not just a product, it's also a mindset, a philosophy, a lifestyle, a certification, and a law – in fact, it's important to emphasize that selling a product as organic that isn't actually organic isn't just a mistake, it's a crime. Therefore, being here is crucial for people to understand the value of organic, to hear the stories of our exhibitors. Retail needs more and more organics on its shelves because research itself shows that. Everyone wants to see more healthy, organic, natural, and fresh products."

Cobi Cruz - Executive Director


Our participation in ANUFOOD Brazil was excellent. The fair has become our home, as we are already in the third edition. We have held three congresses at the event, and it has been great. It's impressive how people seek out the Association within ANUFOOD to talk and learn more about the industry. We can showcase everything we have been doing for this country, for our associates, and within the industries. We are even gaining new members during the fair, so the environment is very conducive. It's fantastic, and we will always be here."

Alexandre Horta - Executive Director


It has been a pleasure for us to participate in ANUFOOD Brazil, showcasing our products in the showroom of our partner, Sindal. Cozil came with a focus on innovation, featuring cooking equipment and a hortifruti cleaning station, which is our ozone station. It has been great for us. We have made many contacts and closed many deals. The fair has been impressive because we were expecting a good turnout, but it has been even bigger than we expected. Moreover, the fair is very well set up, beautiful, and organized. As we participate in many fairs, I was able to notice this, and they deserve congratulations, truly."

Luan Victor Giaconia - Corporate Chef

Albert Diniz

Visitor, V4 COMPANY

Our purpose for being at the fair is to talk to business owners and set them up for success, to put them in the 'goal-scoring position' by bringing them closer to their customers so they can sell more online. The standout feature of being here at this fair is that we encounter everyone from small entrepreneurs aiming for exponential growth to those needing to improve market share and expand, all the way to large business enterprises. Being at ANUFOOD means being in the right place to make the best deals. We are definitely in the 'blue ocean'."


We have been participating in ANUFOOD Brazil since its first edition, always bringing new developments and technologies. This year, we came with a voluntary carbon market initiative, along with one of our associates, AgroCarbon 360. They are working on this carbon credit mechanism for small, medium, and large properties, in addition to certifying companies. So, it's been quite rewarding. We are able to conduct several business transactions among the exhibitors themselves, as well as with the visitors who come in search of new technologies and benefits for sustainability."

Fernando Andrei Baccarin - Executive President


ANUFOOD is an excellent opportunity to bring cost efficiency to this important Food and Beverage sector. We want the audience to learn about the Free Energy Market, which from next year will be accessible to a significant portion of these entrepreneurs, delivering energy cost savings of up to 25%."

Fernando Vasconcelos - Executive Marketing Manager


This is our first international fair. The world is here, making the event an exceptional opportunity to showcase what family farming produces. The reception has been wonderful and interesting, as people are surprised to see that family farming now has products ready for the market, with high added value. There are 25 cooperatives from Alagoas, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte, and Rio Grande do Sul represented here by the Union of Cooperatives of Family Farming and Solidarity Economy - Unicafes."

Luiza Andrade - Coordinator


I'm an enthusiast of ANUFOOD Brazil; I really like the whole team and the event. We invest a lot in the fair; this is already our third year participating, and with each edition, we manage to expand our business and our booth. Here, we can truly give more attention to our suppliers, clients, and new partners, and this year is no different. In these first two days, we've had good deals, good meetings, both in the business roundtables and at our booth. I can already see that we'll have a significant return. Lead generation works very well, and we establish these relationships later, but many effective sales have already occurred, and we are very satisfied."

Vitor Gomes - Industrial Manager

Juliana França

Visitor, SEBRAE RJ

What attracts us to visit this fair is the possibility for the entrepreneurs we work with, the micro and small companies from the state of Rio de Janeiro, to have the opportunity to meet international buyers, especially through Business Rounds (Apex and Broggini), and the chance for 'go to market', to promote their business and find buyers here. But it's also interesting for us because this is a place of high visibility. We have exhibitors here who showcase their products and have the possibility to make these sales and truly enter the international market. This fair is very well-organized, making it easy for us to get to know the products. The curation of exhibiting companies is very intelligent and strategic because it really highlights which Brazilian products make sense to be promoted to the world."


The fair is going really well. The flow is great. The audience is highly qualified, even though entry is free, which could attract curious people. We already have customers who scheduled meetings with us. We are very pleased with the outcome."

Alyne Almeida - Analyst


ANUFOOD is a fantastic experience that will definitely be repeated next year. And not just on our part as a cooperative, but from the feedback we've received from our partners. It's a strategic event where we exchange many contacts across various dimensions of our product's supply chain, the Baru nut, a product that was represented solely by us. It had a very positive reception and was in high demand. It was a unique opportunity to showcase the product, which is completely unknown, and discuss our sales strategies. We hope it leads to great future business, as we made many contacts that will bring results for the extractivists, ensuring income generation and preservation of the Cerrado."

Dionete Figueiredo – Coordinator


I've been present here at ANUFOOD Brazil since the first day, from the first hour, and I am positively impressed with the fair, the relationships, and how we were able to showcase what we do. It's a fair of relationships, of business, and having the opportunity to talk about Mesa Brasil in a space of this magnitude is crucial for strengthening our network, for knowledge, engagement, sensitization, and mobilization of people. Our role is to show what we do so that people can feel like participants and understand that they are part of this process as well. The fair is giving us this expanded space, not only the physical space but also giving us a voice so that we can engage in more dialogue."

René Lopo Neto - Analyst of the Mesa Brasil Sesc Program


The SVB's participation in ANUFOOD Brazil is very important because it brings forth a theme that challenges companies, especially those related to the Food & Beverage sector, to discover, and more than that, to cater to a growing audience and be surprised by solutions and innovations that further drive the growth of this market. Our expectations are being met. We have noticed that this is no longer a trend limited to a specific group or niche; it has become a necessity for companies to open their eyes and develop actions and initiatives to enter this market. The feedback and reception have been very positive, and the audience is surprised because they gain access to information that often reaches them in a distorted way. They also learn about possibilities of how to proceed, when to proceed, and in accordance with their characteristics. This participation is proving to be very important, and undoubtedly, significant outcomes will emerge from it."

Ricardo Laurino - President


Embrapa concludes its participation in the 4th edition of Anufood Brazil, the largest food and beverage trade fair in Latin America, engaging in negotiations with various parties interested in its technological solutions for open innovation. This demonstrates that even after 50 years, Embrapa still has a significant role to play in the Brazilian food system. Embrapa has been participating in Anufood since its inception and, for this edition, was represented by eleven research units from various parts of the country. An institution that reaches its 50th year with a mature portfolio of research and innovation, fully prepared for the coming decades, in its noble mission to help feed over 800 million people around the world. Embrapa's research naturally aligns with Anufood, given our significant project portfolio focused on food."

Celso Moretti - President

Romualdo Brasil


This is my first time participating in this fair. I have attended other fairs before, but this is my first time here. I find the event very interesting, especially the part about the lectures, which caught my attention the most. The speakers have incredible experience in dealing with clients, products, and innovation. Also, the workshops offer a transfer and exchange of experience with the vast world of the food sector, both in Brazil and other countries. Overall, I can say that the fair is multicultural. It brings products from places and cultures that I never thought existed, showcasing products from all over the world. What caught my attention, aligning with the work we are focused on, is sustainability. Anything related to organic products is of our interest. For example, here I've seen packaging solutions that avoid plastic and Styrofoam, which is exactly what we are going to work on."

Diego Hernandez

Visitor, APTAR

We are here at the fair for the first time. We came to visit some clients and also to find new leads and potential clients for the future. The fair is surprising me. There are various producers from Brazil and around the world. It's been a great exchange of experiences. Anufood is extremely important for our business because we see products here that will soon appear on the shelves. There's a lot of innovation and newness here, and it's also helping us create some strategies for our company in the future."


This is our third edition in partnership with ANUFOOD Brazil, and it has been very important for us. This edition has surprised us; the fair is bigger, and we have 50 brands in the Descobertas space, and everyone is very happy. The contacts being made are very significant because they are generating business opportunities, which are relevant both for food service and retail."

Leila Okumura - Co-Founder


The space created here was quite interesting. ANUFOOD Brazil came with a different purpose compared to last year; it's much more robust, with many more companies. I also noticed that the attendance has increased significantly, and clients have also mentioned that the fair has more space and easier access. The event was a success, with a lot of activity. We have several business deals that are progressing and were closed at the fair, so it definitely exceeded our expectations."

Delcídio Mota - Representative


It's been very constructive. It's our market niche: food service. Many people are seeking our services. We are happy. Next year, we plan to expand our booth at the fair."

Henrique Jacob - Marketing assistant


This is the second time we've participated in the fair within the Sindal space. Last year was already a pleasant surprise because we are market partners, and Sindal is highly competent. Being part of ANUFOOD Brazil was fantastic. I noticed a tremendous growth from last year to now. The audience has increased significantly. We are making excellent deals, and it's been really worth being present. Certainly, we'll be together again in the next edition."

Leonidas Dias - Director


We are participating for the fourth consecutive time in the fair, with a large project, a diverse booth, and we invite our partners and associates. Every year has been a great success. In this edition, we've mixed it up more with activities, talks, content, and our space featuring culinary presentations. It's always very rewarding for us to participate, especially with the small producers who are our long-time partners. I really like this fair, and Abrasel is very happy with this partnership."

Ana Salles - Events Director


The fair was fantastic. Always a business-oriented environment, with people interested in getting to know the products and technologies. The content generated at the National Neighborhood Supermarket Congress was a great success. Events like this are essential because they provide access to products for creating a complete mix for customers, who are becoming increasingly demanding."

Fabiano Polese - Director

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We'll surpass this in 2024!

Anuga Select Brazil 2024 will take place at the completely renovated Anhembi District!

World leader

Koelnmesse – Global Competence in Food and Food Tec

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Fairs such as Anuga, ISM – International Sweets and Biscuits Fair and AnugaFoodTec are recognized around the world as absolute leaders in their sectors.

Koelnmesse also organizes leading trade fairs in the food and beverage sector in emerging markets around the world: China, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. With these global activities, Koelnmesse provides customers with a portfolio of comprehensive and high-quality events across various markets, ensuring a sustainable and international business network.

Sensory attractions

Check out the main attractions of our partners that will take place in the 2024 edition.

100 years of Koelnmesse

Celebrate with us the 100th anniversary of the renowned German trade fair promoter, Koelnmesse GmbH, during Anuga Brazil, organised by its subsidiary Koelnmesse Brasil. Experience the festive presence of this celebration throughout the three days of the fair, enriching various moments of the event.

2nd Pizza Maker Championship

Promoted by the renowned Conpizza Institute, the grand champion will secure their place on the prestigious international Pizza Challenge stage, hosted in Las Vegas, USA, as part of Pizza Expo.

Anuga Brazil 2024 Mobile App

Innovative trade fair app: interactive floor plan, detailed programme, personalised notifications, interaction between visitors and exhibitors, daily challenges with attractions, engaging gamification, and exclusive prizes. Transform your trade fair experience!

Anuga Recipes

In partnership with Chefs Brasil, get ready for episodes of previously unseen recipes, with the exhibiting brands teaming up with great chefs to prepare spectacular menus.

ASB Award 2024

The awards at the fair include three categories: Most Sustainable, Innovative and Interactive Stands. Visitors have the opportunity to vote, and the awards ceremony takes place on the last day of the fair in the Prime Club lounge.

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Concept Supermarket

Explore retail innovation at the Expo Supermercados stand, where a Concept Supermarket awaits your visit in a cosy 182m² space. Discover the sector's leading suppliers, providing a unique experience for supermarket owners eager for novelties and quality.

Cooking Show Anuga Brazil

Explore three days full of unforgettable culinary experiences, where renowned brands and top chefs come together to present spectacular classes. Discover innovative recipes and irresistible menus at an unmissable event!

Soon more information

Pizza Workshop

In exclusive collaboration with the renowned Conpizza Institute, the fair will feature brilliant presentations by the country's leading pizza experts over three exciting days. Get ready for a unique experience full of flavours, techniques and passion for the art of pizza!

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SESC Mesa Brasil

Social Partnership in favour of mobilising the fight against food waste and food security in Brazil for an ever better country for all with various solidarity activations at the fair.

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Exclusive entry for professionals in the food sector

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Neighborhood Supermarket

Organized in partnership with Expo Supermercados, the space with capacity for up to 200 delegates will feature content that will promote the neighborhood supermarket segment.

Business matchmaking

We will be hosting a Business Roundtable among the key exhibitors and decision-makers in the food and beverage sector of Brazil.

International Pavilion

11 International Pavilions: Germany, Argentina (3), USA, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Uruguay

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